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We believe that our portfolio companies shouldn’t be the only ones innovating in their field. We’ve created our own in-house, proprietary technology platform that enhances every aspect of our firm — from internal operations and Live Partner (LP) reporting to relationship management and data-driven insights — and enables us to better understand and connect all stakeholders in our network.


Our Solutions Are

A single globally-sourced trading platform with an associated
suite of services that supports the entire global network

Smart is our proprietary Live Partner dashboard. We distribute and organize all of our reporting through our secure, two-factor authentication portal, which we built for highly protected communication. This allows LPs to see the complete history of their investor reports and documents, as well as portfolio company news.

Sensible is a firm-wide intelligence tool that centralizes data about our companies’ management, metrics, and co-investors. We use this technology as a resources to understand which companies can most benefit by our support and in which areas, to identify problems early and more efficiently apply our relationships and skills, and to work with multiple team members across multiple issues at all of our portfolio companies. Jump is updated on a constant basis with new data, trend analyses, and lessons learned.

Strategic is our soft and smart loans division which disburses timely credit to ameliorate periodic cash flow challenges of entrepreneurs. This is a VAS targeted at ensuring individuals and companies are afloat even while the financing process is on-going

Tact Capital Ltd is an artificial intelligence propelled Fintech established to revolutionize money management in this new era.

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