How We Invest

We are early-stage and first-round investors.

With global partners, three venture partners, and a dedicated team of investment and operations professionals, we become your partner: we help with all aspects of company building, including communications and marketing, recruiting, financial modelling, accounting / budgeting, community management, and strategy.

We focus on investing in and building companies with the potential to become high-value, market-moving businesses, as well as on mentoring emerging leaders to execute on logical business models and to carefully manage capital resources.

We generally lead the Series Seed and/or Series A rounds and typically make initial investments in the range of R400,000 to R650,000.

We also make targeted follow-on investments of up to R3 million within our existing portfolio companies.

Who We Invest In

Tact Capital seeks founders who create new technologies or build upon the expanding capabilities of technology to develop new markets, change behaviours, and solve important problems. We look for new ideas and business models before they become established themes, not once they already have become mainstream. We seek game changers, and believe the best companies define their own categories. We understand the risk in being too early to an original idea or next-generation concept — it’s what defines our vision and our culture: investing in the next order of consequential, far-reaching, and change-enabling companies.

We invest primarily in the entire continent of Africa

Our investing themes are:

Deep Software Stack that enables new functionality, efficiencies, and cost savings;
Low-Cost/High-Value Networks that tend to gain new users at low marginal cost and improve the user experience with each marginal user; and
Platforms and/or Ecosystems that permit impossible-until-now connectivity, functionality, relationships, or interactions.

Tact Capital Ltd is an artificial intelligence propelled Fintech established to revolutionize money management in this new era.

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